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Raft Race application form

Important Raft Race 2019 Information
Rafters old & new – we are reverting to the format of previous year – please read on:

In an effort to integrate the Raft Race and the Tilford Fete we are going to move the registration and judging of the Fancy Dress to the Village Green at 2:15pm.

Please bring your rafts directly to the green at 12:30pm where judging will take place. As soon as you have delivered your raft please check in at the fete information stand. Once this has taken place you will need to move your raft to the starting area. Rafts will race in accordance to your race number. Please can all teams assemble with their rafts by 4:55pm for a pre-race briefing.

To ensure the safety of all competitors, we are asking that 1 adult per raft takes responsibility for their raft and any minors. The responsible adult must accompany the raft’s progress from the river bank and be able to call for help if needed.

The raft race will start at 5pm sharp.

The award ceremony will take place as usual at the finishing line. Awards for Fastest Raft, Best Fancy Dress and the Best Construction will be announced and awarded then.

Full rules and regulations can be found below.

To enter, please complete the following entry form and click on submit.

Please pay your Raft Race Fee - Adult raft £12.00 and Children only raft £6.00 - by BACS/Faster Payment transfer to (Account number: 86686368, Sort code:77-49-11. Please use the start of your surname with RAFT18 as the last 6 characters for reference.

To pay by cheque, payable to 'Tilford Village Fete', send to Hazelview, Tilford Street, Tilford, Farnham, GU10 2AA.

The Tilford 2019 Raft Race Rules and Regulations.
These rules are for the guidance of raft designers, builders and competitors and to ensure fair play for all.

They will be strictly enforced to ensure your team’s personal safety and the safety of others. Please remember that any water activity can be dangerous. Whilst every effort is made to make sure that the race is as safe as it can be given the limited resources available to the organisers, the eventual responsibility for safety will rest with each rafter and a responsible adult nominated by you. The organisers, individually or collectively as the village fete committee and the landowners cannot, and will not, accept any responsibility for any loss or damage to persons or property howsoever caused. Any entry is accepted on the clear understanding that each person is wholly responsible for his/her own actions and takes part in the event entirely at their own risk.

The following items are not allowed in the construction of the rafts in any classes.
a) Foamed polystyrene or any other foamed plastic material which is likely to break up and pollute the river, unless encased in plastic.
b) Any material of a toxic nature liable to pollute the river.
c) Rowlocks and any form of fixed rowing station. (Rafts must be poled or paddled without any attachment to the hull – except paddlewheels)
d) Any form of mechanical propulsion or towing from the bank.
e) No nails are to be used in the general construction.
f) Sharp edges, burrs, spikes or any protrusion likely to cause injury to another competitor or property.
g) Rafts must have a rigid superstructure i.e. no raft to be solely constructed using a single large  inflatable (e.g. a tractor-tyre inner tube) or multiple large inflatable. (e.g. large inflatable furniture taped together.)
h) Each raft shall be manufactured from sound materials that will not become waterlogged on immersion, all of which must be recovered from the river at the race finish line.

2. Each raft must be designed to carry a specific number of persons, minimum 2, and maximum 4.

3. Containers such as oil drums and plastic containers shall be thoroughly cleaned, inside and out, before being used in the construction, with all caps, bungs, etc. so designed that no leakage can occur when the raft is afloat on the river.

4. Any mast and/or sail should not exceed 1 metre above the water line.

5. The raft may be propelled by paddle (not double ended), rudder, pole or man-powered paddle wheel with no mechanical advantage.

6. All rafts must be capable of being carried, launched, paddled and recovered from the water (even if sunk) by the crew itself. There will be no additional support available from the organisers or its agents.

7. The length should not exceed twice the breadth. (4ft max. width)

8. Each raft must carry in clearly distinguishable numerals its designated entry number so that it can be viewed from the right bank of the river. The entry number will be provided by the organizers, which will signify your right to use the river for the purpose of the event. This number will be allocated upon receipt of the entry fee of £12 per adult raft & £6 per child only raft together with the duly completed and signed entry form confirming the acceptance of these rules and regulations. This form is to be signed by all competitors aged 16 yrs and over. Any adult accepting responsibility for a youth competitor must include the youth competitors name with his/her name when signing acceptance of the rules and regulations. Any craft that the organisers consider not to comply with the spirit of the regulations (e.g. boat rather than raft-like and/or made with something commonly used in water sport activities!) will have a 3-MINUTE penalty added.

a) All competitors must be able to swim fully clothed a distance of at least 50 metres
b) It is recommended that all youth competitors (under 16yrs), wear approved buoyancy aids or life jackets at all times. Minimum age of any competitor will be 10 yrs old.  This is the responsibility of Parents or Guardians and are not supplied by the fete organisers.
c) No raft with a youth competitor will be allowed to participate without 2 nominated adults (over 18 yrs), one of whom who must be present on the bank, during the race, and who will accept full responsibility for the safety and actions of the youth competitor. No adult will be allowed to have responsibility for more than one raft on the water at any one time.
d) It is recommended that all adult competitors wear life jackets in the interest of their own safety and those of any assisting people or craft. It is also advisable to wear suitable protective footwear.
e) The instructions of any official from or appointed by the Fete Committee, St John’s Ambulance Brigade, the police or any other authorised body however given must be obeyed in order to ensure maximum safety to all crew and spectators.
f) It is the duty of any rafter who is aware of another rafter, or member of the public, to be in difficulty to
offer assistance unless that assistance would endanger the life of the provider.
g) The organizers will disqualify any crew who, in its opinion, behaves in a manner as to constitute a threat to the safety of others or is disruptive prior to the start.
h) The construction of the raft must be such that in the event of the raft sinking, capsizing or breaking up there is no restriction to the ready escape of all occupants.
i) The raft must be designed to remain afloat in a stable condition with at least a fifty percent overload.

In the event of any query on compliance with these rules and regulations, or on the race or the race results, the decision of the organisers will be final.

The organisers reserve the right to refuse any entry on the day for whatever reason.
Safety is more important than winning.
Watch out for your crew, other rafters and the public.
All crew members must sign on at the reception table before the start.
Any unruliness, unnecessary boisterousness or other acts endangering the public or other crews before or during the race will result in disqualification.
Team Captains are responsible for their crew on the bank and on the water.
Listen to any instructions from any appointed officials.
Any injuries, however minor, should be reported to St John’s Ambulance at the start or finish.
Any symptoms of illness after the event should be reported to your doctor.
The objective of the day is to have FUN. Please play your part.